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Brief Plot Summary

Steve and Nicky are both on their second marriages and have decided that moving to the countryside from the city is the answer to all their dreams. They've watched all the TV relocation shows and read the glossy lifestyle magazines and fell in love with the idea of 'getting away from the rat race'.

Unfortunately living a simple existence in beautiful surroundings is not all it's cracked up to be and Steve and Nicky soon find living in the countryside might not be for them after all. Especially when they discover that the house they've bought is situated in what locals refer to as 'The Dip' - a place where internet signals cannot reach, but floodwater most definitely can.

Thanks to unscrupulous estate agents, architects and builders squeezing more money out of the couple, they find themselves in a financial situation that means there is no going back.

The couple must put on a brave face as the last thing they want is for all their friends back in the city to be proven right after they all said it was a 'bad move'.

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Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Sep/20/2017




Season 1

Bad Move 1×01: Dead Zone
Bad Move 1×02: Deep End
Bad Move 1×03: Shut Up
Bad Move 1×04: Get Lost
Bad Move 1×05: Day Trip
Bad Move 1×06: Party Time

Season 2

Bad Move 2×01: Country Pile
Bad Move 2×02: Big Deal
Bad Move 2×03: Local Hero
Bad Move 2×04: Speed Trap
Bad Move 2×05: Food Fight
Bad Move 2×06: Village Idiot
Bad Move 2×07: Festive Cheer


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