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Backstage follows a group of very talented teenagers as they sing, dance, and perform their way to the top at the famous Keaton School of the Arts! From the disappointments of failure, to the new friendships and crowning achievements, being a student at Keaton means you're on the path to becoming a star!

Genre: Drama, Music

Start Date: Mar/18/2016




Season 1

Backstage 1×01: The First Day
Backstage 1×02: Groups of Two
Backstage 1×03: The Brightside
Backstage 1×04: Stand Tall
Backstage 1×05: Take Me Out
Backstage 1×06: Dig Deeper
Backstage 1×07: In Their Shoes
Backstage 1×08: On Deck
Backstage 1×09: Sotto Voce
Backstage 1×10: The Understudy
Backstage 1×11: Lose Yourself
Backstage 1×12: Plays Well with Others
Backstage 1×13: Hold On
Backstage 1×14: Twelve Hours to Showtime
Backstage 1×15: Showtime
Backstage 1×16: Restart
Backstage 1×17: Juggle
Backstage 1×18: Eyes Forward
Backstage 1×19: Once in a Lifetime
Backstage 1×20: Da Capo
Backstage 1×21: Friend or Foe
Backstage 1×22: Verite
Backstage 1×23: Step Up
Backstage 1×24: Ensemble
Backstage 1×25: After the Flood
Backstage 1×26: Try Again
Backstage 1×27: Fallout
Backstage 1×28: Lead the Way
Backstage 1×29: Me
Backstage 1×30: We

Season 2

Backstage 2×01: And We’re Back….
Backstage 2×03: Choices
Backstage 2×04: The One
Backstage 2×05: Take the Note
Backstage 2×06: Gotta be Strong

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