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Brief Plot SUmmary

A comedy drama series that centers with Terry Gannon Jr., a former All-Star softball player whose promising career came crashing down after she had a son. ost her college scholarship, and dumped her loser husband; and her estranged father, a once-promising athlete whose glory days were not as glorious because his career was cut short and has become a beer-guzzling, self-opinionated couch potato. However, when her son decided to play the game, she decided to be back in the game and help the so-called rejects to play and win the game. Stars Maggie Lawson, Ben Koldyke, Griffin Gluck, Lenora Crichlow, J.J. Totah. Kennedy Waite, Cooper Roth, and James Caan.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Start Date: Sep/25/2013

Casts: Maggie Lawson; James Caan; Griffin Gluck; Lenora Crichlow; J.J. Totah; Cooper Roth; Ben Koldyke; Kennedy White



Season 1

Back In The Game 1×01: Pilot
Back in the Game 1×02: Stay in or Bail Out
Back In The Game 1×03: Play Hard or Go Home
Back In The Game 1×04: The Change Up
Back In The Game 1×05: She. Could. Go. All. The. Way!
Back In The Game 1×06: Night Games
Back In The Game 1×07: Safety Squeeze
Back In The Game 1×08: No Crying in Baseball
Back In The Game 1×09: Massive Election
Back in the Game 1×10: I’ll Slide Home for Christmas
Back In The Game 1×11: Color Barrier
Back In The Game 1×12: Sports Therapy
Back In The Game 1×13: Who’s On First

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