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Ax Men is an American reality television series that follows the work of several logging crews in the second-growth forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington and Montana and the rivers of Louisiana and Florida. It take a look at the legacy of the pioneers who laid the foundations for future generations of loggers.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Educational, History

Start Date: Mar/09/2008




Season 1

AX Men 1×01: Man vs. Mountain
AX Men 1×02: Risk and Reward
AX Men 1×03: Storm Season Strikes
AX Men 1×04: The Big Hit
AX Men 1×05: Market Meltdown
AX Men 1×06: Reversal of Fortune
AX Men 1×07: The Close Call
AX Men 1×08: Loggers Under Fire
AX Men 1×09: A Logger’s Thanksgiving
AX Men 1×10: Black Friday
AX Men 1×11: Storm of the Century
AX Men 1×12: Picking Up the Pieces
AX Men 1×13: The Final Haul

Season 2

AX Men 2×01: Ax Men Cometh
AX Men 2×02: Initiation Day
AX Men 2×03: By Air, Land and Sea
AX Men 2×04: Moby Dick Strikes
AX Men 2×05: The King Crumbles
AX Men 2×06: Lost in the Fog
AX Men 2×07: One Weak Link
AX Men 2×08: The Ax Falls
AX Men 2×09: Fresh Meat
AX Men 2×10: Clash of the Titans
AX Men 2×11: The Reckoning (1)
AX Men 2×12: The Reckoning (2)

Season 3

AX Men 3×01: Ax to Grind
AX Men 3×02: Deeper Into the Swamp
AX Men 3×03: Diving for Dollars
AX Men 3×04: Boiling Point
AX Men 3×05: Surviving the Swarm
AX Men 3×06: Showdown
AX Men 3×07: Chopping Block
AX Men 3×08: Assault by Air
AX Men 3×09: Crash and Burn
AX Men 3×10: Curse of Kalina
AX Men 3×11: End of the Line
AX Men 3×12: Eleventh Hour
AX Men 3×13: King of the Mountain

Season 4

AX Men 4×01: Alaska
AX Men 4×02: Sink or Swim
AX Men 4×03: Day from Hell
AX Men 4×04: Manhunt
AX Men 4×05: Battle for Survival
AX Men 4×06: Judgement Day
AX Men 4×07: Under Fire
AX Men 4×08: Overboard
AX Men 4×09: Lock & Load
AX Men 4×10: Fallout Zone
AX Men 4×11: Tipping Point
AX Men 4×12: King of the Hill
AX Men 4×13: Fraying at the Edges
AX Men 4×14: This Means War
AX Men 4×15: The Mouth from the South
AX Men 4×16: Blast Off
AX Men 4×17: Man Down
AX Men 4×18: Final Countdown
AX Men 4×19: Fever Pitch
AX Men 4×20: Down to the Wire

Season 5

AX Men 5×01: Ax is Back
AX Men 5×02: Damage Control
AX Men 5×03: No Pain, No Gain
AX Men 5×04: Hell Hole
AX Men 5×05: Cowboy Up
AX Men 5×06: Fists of Fury
AX Men 5×07: Wake-up Call
AX Men 5×08: Out of Control
AX Men 5×09: Rygaard vs. Rygaard
AX Men 5×10: Down & Dirty
AX Men 5×11: Let ‘Er Rip
AX Men 5×12: Burning the Bear
AX Men 5×13: Where’s Willy
AX Men 5×14: Falling Apart
AX Men 5×15: Up in Flames
AX Men 5×16: Family Rivalry
AX Men 5×17: Swamp Gold
AX Men 5×18: Up in Smoke
AX Men 5×19: Betting It All
AX Men 5×20: The Ax Stops Here

Season 6

AX Men 6×01: All or Nothing
AX Men 6×02: We’re Not Alone
AX Men 6×03: Sabotage
AX Men 6×04: Put Up or Shut Up
AX Men 6×05: Cage Match
AX Men 6×06: Flipping Logzilla
AX Men 6×07: Rock Slide
AX Men 6×08: Shelby’s New Toy
AX Men 6×09: Gators & Hand Grenades
AX Men 6×10: Goldmine
AX Men 6×11: The Hurricane Hits
AX Men 6×12: Calling It Quits
AX Men 6×13: The Aftermath
AX Men 6×14: Unlucky Charm
AX Men 6×15: Slippery Slope
AX Men 6×16: Hell or High Water
AX Men 6×17: The Final Straw
AX Men 6×18: Risking It All
AX Men 6×19: In Too Deep
AX Men 6×20: Fight to the Finish Line

Season 7

AX Men 7×01: Axes and Allies
AX Men 7×02: Pain in the Ax
AX Men 7×03: Burying the Hatchet
AX Men 7×04: Out on a Limb
AX Men 7×05: Swamp Man Sabotage
AX Men 7×06: Large Barge
AX Men 7×07: Father Knows Best
AX Men 7×08: A Frayed Knot
AX Men 7×09: Log Jam
AX Men 7×10: Logger Down
AX Men 7×11: Bombs Away
AX Men 7×12: Who’ll Stop the Reign?
AX Men 7×13: Ax Marks the Spot
AX Men 7×14: End of a Legend
AX Men 7×15: Dog Days
AX Men 7×16: Albie Damned
AX Men 7×17: Tooth and Nail
AX Men 7×18: Battle Ax
AX Men 7×19: Trucked Up
AX Men 7×20: Cutting It Close

Season 8

AX Men 8×01: Logged and Loaded
AX Men 8×02: Falling Fast
AX Men 8×03: Failure to Communicate
AX Men 8×04: The Swampman Cometh
AX Men 8×05: Hire Wire Act
AX Men 8×06: The Log and Winding Road
AX Men 8×07: Swamp Man Boogie
AX Men 8×08: Teepee of Death
AX Men 8×09: Old Log, New Tricks
AX Men 8×10: All’s Fair in Loggin’ War
AX Men 8×11: Don’t Cross the Boss
AX Men 8×12: Davi and Goliath
AX Men 8×13: Warrior’s Fate
AX Men 8×14: Log Runners
AX Men 8×15: Cuts Like a Knife
AX Men 8×16: Fall of a Legend
AX Men 8×17: Rock Bottom
AX Men 8×18: Great Logs of Fire
AX Men 8×19: All Hands on Deck
AX Men 8×20: Axpocalypse

Season 9

AX Men 9×01: Shelby Strikes Back
AX Men 9×02: Shelby Gets Schooled
AX Men 9×03: Life & Limb
AX Men 9×04: Sloppy Joe
AX Men 9×05: Family Tree
AX Men 9×06: Madman of the Mountain
AX Men 9×07: Root Canal
AX Men 9×08: Rygaard’s Revenge
AX Men 9×09: Log Eat Log
AX Men 9×10: Every Log Has Its Day
AX Men 9×11: Getting a Leg Up
AX Men 9×12: Take This Log and Shove It
AX Men 9×13: Reunited and It Feels Like Wood
AX Men 9×14: Back in Black
AX Men 9×15: All Hail the King

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