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Brief Plot Summary

Arranged is a reality documentary series that centers on modern-American singles from across the country, whose cultural traditions include an arranged marriage, as they are united in matrimony by their families.

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Genre: Lifestyle, Romance/Dating

Start Date: Apr/14/2015




Season 1

Arranged 1×01: Happily Ever Arranged?
Arranged 1×02: Meet Your Monster In-laws
Arranged 1×03: The Honeymoon is Over
Arranged 1×04: Paying the Price
Arranged 1×05: And Baby Makes Three?
Arranged 1×06: Secrets Revealed
Arranged 1×07: It’s Me or Your Family!
Arranged 1×08: Under Pressure
Arranged 1×09: The Couples Meet
Arranged 1×10: Re-arranged
Arranged 1×11: Did I Marry a Monster?
Arranged 1×12: Judgment Days
Arranged 1×13: Old Habits Die Hard
Arranged 1×14: Secrets, Surprises & Lies
Arranged 1×15: The Party’s Over
Arranged 1×16: Who’s Pregnant?

Season 2

Arranged 2×01: Estranged Arrangement
Arranged 2×02: Wedding Warfare
Arranged 2×03: Cold Feet, Hot Tempers
Arranged 2×04: For Kicks and Giggles
Arranged 2×05: Did I Marry a Man-child?
Arranged 2×06: Who’s the Boss?
Arranged 2×07: Till Debt Do Us Part
Arranged 2×08: Where’s the Love?
Arranged 2×09: Something Has to Give
Arranged 2×10: In a Family Way
Arranged 2×11: Re-Arranged


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