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Brief Plot SUmmary

Alone is a ten-episode series that is the country's boldest and longest survival experiment ever captured for television. It places ten hardcore survivalists alone in the Vancouver Island wilderness - no camera crew, no teams, no producers - on a single mission to stay alive. At stake is $500,000 awarded to the person who can last the longest. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown, self-documenting their experience.

Genre: Adventure

Start Date: Jun/18/2015




Season 1

Alone 1×01: And So It Begins
Alone 1×02: Of Wolf and Man
Alone 1×03: The Talons of Fear
Alone 1×04: Stalked
Alone 1×05: Winds of Hell
Alone 1×06: Rain of Terror
Alone 1×07: The Hunger
Alone 1×08: The Freeze
Alone 1×09: Brokedown Palace
Alone 1×10: Triumph
Alone 1×11: After the Rescue

Season 2

Alone 2×01: Once More Unto the Breach
Alone 2×02: The Knife’s Edge
Alone 2×03: The Beasts of Night
Alone 2×04: Hunger’s Grip
Alone 2×05: Storm Rising
Alone 2×06: Adrift
Alone 2×07: Trial by Fire
Alone 2×08: The Ascent
Alone 2×09: The Madness
Alone 2×10: The Gamble
Alone 2×11: Winter’s Fury
Alone 2×12: Into the Abyss
Alone 2×13: The End Game

Season 3

Alone 3×01: A New Land
Alone 3×02: First Blood
Alone 3×03: Eternal Darkness
Alone 3×04: Outfoxed
Alone 3×05: The Lone Wolf
Alone 3×06: Along Came a Spider
Alone 3×07: Hungry Beasts
Alone 3×08: Of Feast & Famine
Alone 3×09: The Point of No Return
Alone 3×10: Day 87

Season 4

Alone 4×01: Divide and Conquer
Alone 4×02: Hell on Earth
Alone 4×03: Margin of Error
Alone 4×04: The Last Mile
Alone 4×05: Double Or Nothing
Alone 4×06: Thicker Than Water
Alone 4×07: Hooked
Alone 4×08: Flare-Up
Alone 4×09: My Brother’s Keeper
Alone 4×10: Flesh and Blood
Alone 4×11: Tales from the Island

Season 5

Alone 5×01: Redemption
Alone 5×02: The Haunting
Alone 5×03: The Serpent
Alone 5×04: Mongolia’s Wrath
Alone 5×05: The Bowels of Hell
Alone 5×06: Of Mice and Men
Alone 5×07: Desperate Measures
Alone 5×08: Slayer II
Alone 5×09: Starvation’s Shadow
Alone 5×10: Cold War

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