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Brief Plot SUmmary

Almost Family centers on only child Julia Bechley, who finds her life turned upside down when her father is forced to reveal that over the course of his pioneering career as a fertility doctor, he used his own sperm to conceive dozens of children. As she dutifully begins to track down her emerging group of siblings, among a sea of brothers, Julia discovers only two sisters – both of whom quickly become a part of her now redefined family.

Genre: Drama

Start Date: Oct/2/2019




Season 1

Almost Family 1×01: Pilot
Almost Family 1×02: Related AF
Almost Family 1×03: Notorious AF
Almost Family 1×04: Fake AF
Almost Family 1×05: Risky AF
Almost Family 1×06: Kosher AF
Almost Family 1×07: Thankful AF
Almost Family 1×08: Fertile AF
Almost Family 1×09: Rehabilitated AF
Almost Family 1×10: Courageous AF

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