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Brief Plot Summary

About a Boy is a comedy series that centers with a so-called "ultimate man-child", Will Freeman (David Walton) and his life of free time, free love and freedom from financial woes. However, his perfect life was turn upside down when a single mom Fiona (Minnie Driver) and her 11-year-old son Marcus move in next door. Stars David Walton, Minnie Driver, Benjamin Stockham, and Al Madrigal.

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Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Feb/22/2014

Casts: David Walton; Benjamin Stockham; Al Madrigal; Minnie Driver; Annie Mumolo; Adrianne Palicki



Season 1

About A Boy 1×01: Pilot
About A Boy 1×02: About Total Exuberance
About A Boy 1×03: About a Godfather
About A Boy 1×04: About a Girl
About A Boy 1×05: About a Plumber
About A Boy 1×06: About a Buble
About A Boy 1×07: About a Poker Night
About A Boy 1×08: About a Slopmaster
About A Boy 1×09: About a Kiss
About a Boy 1×10: About a Boy’s Dad
About A Boy 1×11: About a Birthday Party
About A Boy 1×12: About a Hammer
About A Boy 1×13: About a Rib Chute

Season 2

About A Boy 2×01: About a Vasectomy
About A Boy 2×02: About a House for Sale
About A Boy 2×03: About a Will-O-Ween
About A Boy 2×04: About a Bad Girl
About a Boy 2×05: About An Angry Ex
About a Boy 2×06: About A Balcony
About A Boy 2×07: About a Duck
About a Boy 2×08: About A Christmas Carol
About a Boy 2×09: About A Manniversary
About A Boy 2×10: About a Boy Becoming a Man
About A Boy 2×11: About a Hook
About A Boy 2×12: About a Prostitute
About a Boy 2×13: About A Cat Party
About a Boy 2×14: About A Boyfriend
About a Boy 2×15: About a Trunk
About a Boy 2×16: About a Memory Hole
About a Boy 2×17: About a Babymoon
About a Boy 2×18: About Another Boy
About a Boy 2×19: About a Self Defense
About a Boy 2×20: About a Love in the Air


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