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Brief Plot SUmmary

A to Z is a romantic comedy that follows the timeline of Andrew and Zelda's relationship. The show is narrated by Katey Sagal. A whimsical romantic comedy set in the world of an on-line dating company that details the A to Z's of a relationship, from meeting to break-up.

Genre: Comedy, Romance/Dating

Start Date: Oct/02/2014

Casts: Katey Sagal; Henry Zebrowski; Hong Chau; Lenora Crichlow; Parvesh Cheena; Ben Feldman; Christina Kirk; Cristin Milioti; Nancy Friedrich



Season 1

A To Z 1×01: A is for Acquaintances
A To Z 1×02: B is for Big Glory
A To Z 1×03: C is for Curiouser & Curiouser
A To Z 1×04: D is for Debbie
A To Z 1×05: E is for Ectoplasm
A To Z 1×06: F is for Fight, Fight, Fight!
A To Z 1×07: G is for Geronimo
A To Z 1×08: H is for Hostile Takeover
A To Z 1×09: I is for Ill Communication
A To Z 1×10: J is for Jan Vaughan
A To Z 1×11: K is for Keep Out
A To Z 1×12: L is for Likeability
A To Z 1×13: M is for Meant to Be

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